Langauge Change. Subtle but there…

Hello brothers and sisters, hope you all are well, however, are you fully aware of the reality to which, our governments and I am including the USA. Our MP’s are in position to put our views and our concerns to Parliament, is it not ?
Therefore, ask yourself the question do you feel that you live in a ‘democratic’ society? Is it ‘just’ that the work you do can be so hard and the wages so dis-proportionate to the hours and workload.

And when unjust trials are imposed on you while our governments have transgressed the the offices they hold. Such things as illegal wars, it is not our wish to do this and we are the people.
Democracy does not exist if the Laws which are made and all other matters, if the majority wants the majority gets, yet we watch while men & women parliamentarians, tells earnestly ‘it is this way or that ‘ he knows no more about the subject than any other accoutant, lawyer, dentist or unemployed labourer, is it incompetence we watch or is it more sinister??

Have you noticed that the USA is graduly calling English language ‘English US’, when you change the site to U.K you notice that soon it is back to USA. Almost all these PC lines are routed through USA, and if they were to get there way in the future, I do believe they would be ‘extraditing’ every other member of society to put into their private prisons.


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One Response to Langauge Change. Subtle but there…

  1. Jill Harris says:

    I agree with all you say, if you are working class and educated just enough to become factory fodder is it no wonder we are in this state. If you are lucky enough to be in employment, they work you so hard there is no energy left other than to relax in front of the TV and be fed information the governments want us to believe, its even in the soaps.

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