Would You Kill For Pot?

Please come along and join us in Protest Against the Killing of Drug Users & Offenders. This event is organised and sponsored by ENCOD www.encod.org

Inaddition,  ENCOD has organised & sponsored another Protest in Paris, France, on the same day and the same theme. Inaddition ENCOD has organised another PicketLineProtest outside the United Nations buildings in Vienna, Austria, on March 8th (Monday) 2010, Encod members led by Joep Oomen (Co-Ordinator) & Dr. Fredrick Polak (Spokesperson) will enter the U.N building and who knows what initiative is enacted.. .   Today there are a handful of countries that use execution. In the case of Malaysia, the ‘mandatory’ death sentence for just possession of 300grams of cannabis through to trafficking. All such cases i.e. drug cases; which are not ‘serious crimes’ but of those arrested many people do not even see a lawyer, they are just taken to a court where they face a Judge who can only give one sentence, the death sentence. In Malaysia, the justice system works opposite to U.K legal system, in as much as one is presumed guilty and the defendant has to prove his/her innocence. This is unrealistic when a defendant in a foreign country in some cases, and cannot speak the language, has not had access to a lawyer & by this stage they know that the court case is merely a forgone conclusion.

Recently there has been many drug users shot by police in the streets. A shoot to kill policing where many people were killed this way.

This behaviour by Malaysian government contravenes the European Human Rights Act; Many countries who used to execute people have stopped this practice recently at the behest of the United Nations however, Malaysia failed to comply. Hence the


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4 Responses to Would You Kill For Pot?

  1. Colin says:

    I wish to bring humanity to life with the global mass cultivation and processing of hemp in order to achieve a sustainable low carbon carbon capture global economy for the earth’s children.

    • irrahayes says:

      A very noble aspiration. Some may say not enough people will join this way of life, too troubling in time & effort.
      That may or may not be the case but, its seems the natural thing to be, a caring citizen. irra

  2. Lee says:

    I would right now. I’m a medi user in agony as cant get my medication, i couldn’t even begin to tell you what spinal pain feels like, see if you break your arm or leg its excruciating pain, but after a while when the broken limb in question has been mended the pain goes away. Ive broke my spine in three places in 1997 spines dont mend so have to live with that pain on a daily basis for the rest of my life in wich will not be to long the way im feeling right now. I did so much work for the L.C.A but they have let me down bit like my so called friends. So yes my friend i would kill for a smoke……. obviously not in the above context. peace and thoughts my friend……..Lee

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