Oprah Turns Her Back – Legalities of Hemp Cure

This is not a Drug issue, not even a legal issue, it is a people issue! A man named Rick Simpson approaches the Canadian government after discovering a product that has cured many different illness’s including cancers.
One would think, that a man who is sane and respectable, and approaches the authorities of his Country with a cure for cancer, well one would believe, or like to believe, that there would be some type of interest. Then scientist’s would find out about this possible cure for cancer.

Basically, Rick was naive to some extent, he was honest and had already told the authorities what he was doing i.e. making the hemp oil from his own plants. But nothing happened and he carried and made his medication which actually cures most cancers.

When Rick went to trial in Canada he had 10 people who no longer had cancer and were there to give testimony & six of these people were accompanied by there doctors who were also to give testimonials, however the Judge dis-allowed them from giving evidence.

Rick was not sent to prison. In November 2010, he was invited to Amsterdam to accept the award for ‘freedom fighter’ of the year. While in Netherlands the police again raided his home, taking plastic bowls and other things that they did not take at the last bust. They also took his security camera’s but luckily his eldest son arrived at the house and filmed the raid from outside the house.
Rick Simpson is still in exile in Europe.


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