Conned Again! Are we all just plain stupid or What?

We are a stupid nation if we allow this lobsided Coalition continue. If the ordinary people are to suffer, then so must the parliamentarians past and present, for they have negoiated us into this mess.  Vince cable MP (LEB-DEM), promised that Bankers who recieved over £1million bonus would be made public. This  was promised by Vince cable before the election, yet now that the Coalition is formed, our chancellor George Osborne MP(Con), has revoked this promise. So now all those Bankers getting from £1million upwards ( remember Sir Fred recieved something above £12million), we will not hear of individuals recieving obscene sums of money even though they did a bad job. Sir Freds mess is still being sorted out by bank officials todate – 23/11/2010

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